Are you feeling lonely? You are not alone in this.

Loneliness Is Your Worst Enemy. 8 Ways To Deal With It

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Loneliness is the most common of all feelings. It’s an unpleasant emotion. Almost all of us go through it from time to time. Sometimes we don’t even know how to define this lonely feeling. We name it after the people and things who gave this feeling to us.

Before discussing anything else, let us understand that loneliness and aloneness are two different aspects.

Loneliness is a feeling of despair. A lonely person feels void even in the presence of other people.

Aloneness is a state in which a person is entirely on his own. A person can be perfectly alright if he is happy alone.

It’s okay to be alone and happy by choice. But succumbing to loneliness should not be acceptable.

Loneliness can affect a person in several ways:

  • It can drain them emotionally
  • It can result in depression
  • It can lower immunity and lead to health issues

Some of the common causes of loneliness are:

  • Any drastic change in life
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Low self-esteem
  • A bad event in life

Sometimes the feeling of loneliness goes away after some time. At times loneliness lingers over a long period. It is called chronic loneliness.

People often resort to some harmful ways to ease the burden of their thoughts. Like, alcohol consumption, excessive gaming, social media addiction. These are a few signs of loneliness.

In this article, I will not talk much about taking help from external sources to tackle loneliness. Let’s know some self-reliant ways in which we can be emotionally independent.

We tend to search for a peaceful place to confide our loneliness.

Finding someone who can hear all our rants is a matter of time and luck.

So what?

Shall we live a half-life filled with sadness?

No, not at all.

Loneliness can be dealt with peacefully. Believe me.

There are some things which you can do to tackle loneliness.

“ You can always plant flowers for yourself which nobody left at your doorstep.”

First of all, keep in mind that we all have come alone in this world. And one day, we will vacate this world, leaving behind all your assets and relationships. So your happiness is first of all your responsibility.

No one can make you feel a particular way. No one owns your thoughts except you. Learn to take liability for your feelings. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself the way you like. This way, you will feel valued and less lonely.

“You will never feel disheartened if you are happy on your own”

No matter how much busy your schedule is, take at least a few minutes for yourself. Just sit alone for some time and talk to yourself. Self-talk is peaceful and free of judgments. We try to seek answers to our questions in the outer world. Sometimes the solutions to all the problems lie within us. Learn to embrace yourself confidently. You can write what you feel. Also, don’t blame yourself for being lonely. Soon you will start enjoying your company. It will eventually diminish the feeling of loneliness.

“ The only permanent relation in our life is the relationship with God. Rest all are temporary.”

Practice meditation and spirituality. It unlocks all worries. When we touch the rock bottom of our life, we realize that how grateful we were earlier. We then learn to acknowledge the little blessings of God in our life. By relying on the words of God, we gain strength and contentment. A calm mind is positive and happy.

“There is beauty all around. Just step out and notice things around you.”

Fall in love with the universe and its purity. Admire nature because it will never get tired of showing you wonders. Listen to the sounds of rain, feel the breeze over your face, notice the different versions of the moon. It will enrich your mood and make you feel fresh. Find solace in natural things. Fake things will then not bother you.

“Practice digital detox daily.”

Disconnect yourself from social media and gadgets for some time each day. In this fast-paced world, we are over-dependent on digital devices. We have forgotten the originality of life and, hence we feel isolated. A digital detox will make you feel content in the long run. Explore how it feels like to be entire with yourself.

“Get into physical exercises daily.”

Energy conservation law states that “energy gets converted from one form to another.” So why not convert the negative emotional turmoil to physical energy. Let’s work out and kick start for a good body shape along with mental well-being.

“Give yourself treats and practice a good self-care routine.”

Keep yourself busy with something or other. Set small targets daily and focus on them. Give yourself rewards on accomplishing those targets. Take care of yourself. Go out alone and have your favorite dish. This way you will enjoy the little moments of life.

“Keep a hobby.”

A hobby is like a song. It adds rhythm and value to life. Doing something productive will keep you busy, active and enhance the functioning of the brain. It will divert you from your present state of mind. So try something creative of your interest and take a break from negative lonely thoughts.

These little steps will not show overnight changes. But if practiced wisely, they will give fruitful results.

You can follow the mentioned steps even if you are not experiencing loneliness in life. Because building a good relationship with yourself is always a lifelong investment. In this unpredictable world, it’s the need of the hour for all of us to be emotionally self-reliant.

But always remember, if you are feeling lonely, then don’t feel uneasy while asking for help. Try to talk to your loved ones. Consult a doctor if your problem needs medical aid as well.

Yes, loneliness is a huge emotional burden, and at times it is not easy to get over it. But with a slight difference in mindset, we can overcome any problem in life.

Life is a beautiful gift. Let’s not captivate it under loneliness.

I hope reading this article added a little value to your life.


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